We help a lot of clients who attend meetings, conferences and trade shows. Oftentimes we are trying to figure out how to help a client both get noticed and also have a professional look at an economical price. One item often overlooked is the value of having a branded table cover. There is something to be said for when a person glances at an exhibitor or presenter and their first impression is, “Wow, those folks look like they have their act together.” The person with those thoughts may not have something tangible to point at for feeling that way but they are receiving their first impression at that point. If the feeling is good, they may stop to investigate further, if the feeling is bad, the consideration may end right there.

Never is this more important than if you have a presentation space and your main message component is some sort of a table top display. That table top display has to sit on a table so ideally you want a consistent look between the two. It is rarely pointed out but the actual branding space on the table cover facing the customer is almost always bigger than the display sitting on top of it. For this reason, it can be one of the most important branding spaces you have. There are many ways to approach this. You can have a table cover that prominently displays your company name, motto or tagline or even include photos that show your product or service at a glance. The photos here help illustrate several effective approaches. See our most popular options with pricing by clicking here.

  • Perfect to display your messaging at any tradeshow or event – indoor or outdoor
  • Printed, imprinted, convertible, stretch and fitted options to choose from
  • Sizes of 4′, 6’, 8’, full and economy
  • Option include 1/C, 2/C and Full Color via various printing methods